I want to check something out.

I own a yacht.

I am very pleased to hear of your success.

Felix seldom wears his black shirt.

The Yamada's live in a flat below this one.

Get your hands off of Rodent.

Irving called me today.

I brought one in.

It might be them.

Isidore thinks that he's different from other people.


Relax, will you?

Do you have a table?

They are reading her book.


Are you sure there's nothing in there?

How many of them are there?

Well do I remember the scene.


Would you like some moonshine?


We were very excited.

Have you ever been outside the country?

Don't you have any feelings for her at all?

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Clark is going to want to talk to you about what happened yesterday.

Are you easy-going?

Just get it.

I can't just let them kill me.

I can't hide my feelings for you.


Marcia couldn't find anyone to help him.

Thank you very much, you always say more agreeable things than I do.

He is proud of his family.

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Let's lie on the sand.

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Christopher Columbus despised pirates, but he loved their eyepatches. Sometimes, he would wear one - just for fun.


The man who fears nothing is as powerful as he who is feared by everybody.

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I don't know anything about Eli's past.

"What time would you like that for?" "Two o'clock would be good."

This sentence is incorrect.

Dan was terminally ill and wasn't responding to treatment.

My father will urge you to love your books and quills.

Did someone tell you that you couldn't be here?

You should stop reading romance novels.

Our club will hold its monthly meeting next Wednesday.

Let us know when you find out anything.

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He inherited some hectares of land from his grandfather.

Death is a great instructor.

They are made in a variety of sizes.

You collected coffee cups, didn't you?

It is important that you should be punctual.

You should never fail to make efforts.

Did you see your friends last week?

We were financially troubled, in short, we were bankrupt.

I'm not in any particular hurry.


The grey goo engulfs everything.


Vidhyanath hid the gun under some socks in the drawer.

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You didn't lend it to him.

Your software needs to be updated periodically.

Can someone pronounce this word here?

I think I'll walk to school today.

Do I really remind you of her?

Craig dialed Ahmed's number and got a busy signal.

Cristi has always been a gentleman.


They like to compare their country to the Roman Empire. However, the Romans wouldn't have been able to conquer the whole world, let alone destroy it. But those people are in the process of doing it.

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My ear is itching.

I never harmed her.

What he's doing is illegal.

Brad rubbed his hands together.

The man who wrote this book is a doctor.


I don't feel very well.

Cathy didn't name names.

Do you think he's innocent?

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The smell of macaroni and cheese makes me nauseous.

You must be careful in crossing the road.

They are cutting loose.

He's angry at the world.

The computer is of great use.

Sunil was obviously angry.

You have to go on without me.

You're as handsome as ever.

Looks like another nice day.

Today the weather is nice.

Mayo wants to discuss the problem with Tai.


I was so hungry that I ate it.

I didn't like that at all.

We'll get that to you right away.

The printer needs paper.

Father is in the habit of reading the paper before breakfast.

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I hated to write with a fountain pen.

In 1956 Khrushchev denounced Stalin's crimes.

We can't trust him because he often tells lies.

During the night the wind blew cold.

I'm on good terms with Nigel.

How many hours did you put in at the office last week?

Have you got a lighter?

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We need a cab.

Are you looking for somebody?

I hope Kelvin isn't angry.


Can you bring him back?

News stations use helicopters to report on traffic.

Shai asked me what I wanted.

Are you sure we don't need an appointment?

Can you think of any reason why Miriam would do that?

She is now eighty-one years old.

They expressed satisfaction with their lives.

I am thankful for sunshine.

We must help them.

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Who's the guy on the left?

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Ozan pours himself a glass of orange juice.

I have to change the battery of my transistor radio.

The express train went by so fast we hardly saw it.


Her manner of speaking gets on my nerves.


He is pretty cute.

When will they appoint someone to replace Jason?

His slacks are all wrinkled.

Laurel assumed that the meeting would start on time.

The couple carved their initials into the oak tree.

I'm sorry you've gone.

We ended up not getting there on time.

Don't lie to us.

I remained undaunted as soon as I heard the news.

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Why shouldn't I do this?

Marie wasn't thirsty.

Don't misunderstand me.

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Jacques has an aunt who is in prison.

I think you can handle it.

Allan thought his life was in danger.

Do you eat at home or do you eat out?

Vince would like that.


He's a waste of space.

Don scolded Marla for not treating John with respect.

We almost left.

I loved that show.

The man set himself on fire.

We're flexible.

Did you see a good film last time?

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And Tony was the oldest.

Dan was waiting for the police.

Here they lay, the four pretty ones, on the grass or on the moss, in this charming place, at the time when the evening tiptoes in the woods.


I wonder if Srikanth is able to understand French.

He has two cats: one white and one black.

Seth will be OK.

Oskar has to do that before Monday.

The iris deeply associated with the Boys' Festival does not have a beautiful flower.


I assure you it's quite unnecessary.


I speak Irish.


The Swallows are ahead 4 to 1!

I'm seeing them tonight.

Aren't you supposed to be at school?

How could it only come so far?

We're all looking forward to it.


She's a wall.


I think it's too early to tell.

I met Dion the other day.

Enough, already!

Instead of smiling, the boy cries.

Mwa came over and cooked dinner for us.

She did nothing but grieve over her husband's death.

Dalton wears silk neckties.


It's not appropriate to wear a red miniskirt to a funeral.


Would you like to hear more?

Allow one hour to reach the airport.

Give me the key to this lock!

The legal age for marriage in Australia is 18.

Shamim said that he hadn't done it.


I'll get you something to write with.